The correct, and in context, interpretation of Romans 8:14 which says that they who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, is that it is referring to those who are being led out of being under the Law, a natural life, into living a righteous holy life, to being sons of God. However, sons of God are led by the Spirit. We have received, even as we have physical senses and emotions to lead us, also corresponding spiritual senses to lead us – the first often to destruction, but the second as an enablement to operate in the Spirit. Our senses are eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. We also have base emotions, which have been given to us by God for a specific purpose. The emotion itself is not sin, but how it is used can be sin. For example anger should, instead of culminating in rage, be a motivation towards positive change. Jealousy is there not to become possessive, but to protect a relationship. Fear is for defence or to extricate yourself out of a dangerous position. Any word or truth from the Bible which has become alive and dwells richly in a person will result in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs flowing out, being sung with grace unto the Lord. The same is true of a person who is filled with the Spirit. Reading the Word by the Spirit brings familiarity with God’s voice and his instruction and leading. We can also be led by visions – inner visions, open visions, trans-like visions, and being caught up in the spirit visions. Other ways that sons are led are impressions or just a sense of knowing imparted by the Holy Spirit, God-given dreams, and a flow of thoughts which sound like the voice of your own thoughts. With exercise the difference between our thoughts and the tenure of the voice of the Spirit becomes clear. The sons of God are also led by a sensation of spiritual hunger. We can experience a voracious appetite which needs to be satisfied with things of the Spirit instead of things of the world, or even physical food. When we experience a lack of hunger for spiritual things, it needs to be created, encouraged, nurtured, and even forced when necessary. Hunger is one of the most powerful and motivational things that the Holy Spirit uses to lead and direct us.