It is essential to accept the high position which Jesus had attained for us on the cross, because a Christian walking around with a sense of condemnation, guilt and inferiority cannot have spiritually sensitised senses. When natural hunger is replaced by an intense hunger and thirst after God, praying and searching for him will result in life-changing meetings with him, more of him. We can be led into prayer by deep emotion – prayer of loud inarticulate cries, travailing, agonizing, and sighs to God in partnership with the Spirit which formulates miracles, brings godly wisdom, and breakthroughs. Different levels of prayer results in different levels of miracles. We need our senses sanctified and we need to be obedient and submissive to God so that we can know what the Spirit longs for, desires and feels about a situation or people, even as Jesus did when He was on earth. The Holy Spirit can also lead the sons and daughters of God by the emotion of joy – laughing in the face of the enemy or a negative situation, thus walking into a breakthrough. We can be led by peace, by deep sorrow, feelings of anointing, the strong hand of God on us, angels, and even holy anger. We need to understand and not mis-interpret or rationalise away, ignore, or fail to co-operate with God’s moving on our emotions, but be available, because in not reacting to a feeling appropriately, we can miss appointments with God, miss miracles and breakthroughs. We have senses educated and sanctified by the Spirit of God to lead us and we need to learn not to be dictated to by fallen, or uneducated senses.