To rise means to stand up, moving to a higher position. The first place where we have to rise up, is on the inside – from a place of negativity where a yoke from the enemy is pressing down on us, deciding that enough is enough and casting it off. We can, at any time, rise up into the glory which is over us by again refreshing the revelation and understanding of who we are, that we are inseparably joined with Jesus. He was God’s light rising in this world, He rose from the dead. We are risen with him, ruling, and reigning with him, children of the Most High, fully indwelt by the Holy Spirit. We recapture the sense of God’s presence within by glorifying him, because where the ark is in place, there is blessing, God arises, and his enemies are scattered. Being persuaded of God’s love for us, we can ask for his help at any time – this will cause him to arise on our behalf. God longs to rise up and show us compassion and grace, taking just revenge on our enemies, when we wait for him or put our hope and faith in him. He will show us mercy and give us wings to go over-, instead of walking through a situation. God often shines his light on areas of death in our lives, and He requires from us to arise, accept his help to overcome this, and come alive again to where Christ will shine on us. To arise requires a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ. We need to rise above circumstances, to shake off the dust, and get up. We are the righteous who get up every time, even when we have been struck down seven times. We are to rise up to our calling and destiny. We have God’s Word authorising us to rise up and build his kingdom. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit support us, let us take courage and do it.