We should never get satisfied with the level on which we are but rather encourage ourselves to rise while constantly aligning ourselves with God, his promises, and his word. We are in heavenly places from where, by faith and through the Holy Spirit, we pull the supernatural into the natural, being a reflection of God in the earth. When we are in alignment with God, creation will work for- and not against us to help towards the fulfillment of God’s promises. The crown of thorns on Jesus’ head was symbolic of him loosing the earth from the curse and that is why when we are in alignment with God, we are enabled to set loose and bind things on the earth, and they are loosed and bound in heaven. To go to another level in God, we need to get our will out of the way and concede to his will, especially when it is difficult, because resistance causes the muscles of our faith to grow. Let us forget what the enemy is doing, and just look at, and obey God’s will and plans for this world. Following Jesus will give us a life of scars from wounds sustained from other Christians, but not getting offended and extending forgiveness gives God’s power free reign in our lives, pushes us to a new level, and brings a glorious harvest of blessings. It is time for the Church to get rid of offence and rise up, because the world needs us, needs the supernatural power of God.