We are alive now and on the threshold of a time period where there is a shift taking place in the Church. We are in the time of a ‘stealth pregnancy’ where we do not even realize that something is being birthed inside of us. It is a time when the Church will turn a little bit wild and weird, and the glory of God will come to rest upon us. The end result will be that the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our God and his Christ, and his glory will be visible worldwide, known by everyone. But our real everyday struggles and failures often make us feel that this prophesied glory is a million miles away. All of what we have been going through, however, is part of God developing us to rise, and be unveiled. Although this struggle does not engender good feelings but is on the contrary, painful, it is as much a move of God as the greatest miracle ever seen. We are at the turbulent place where two eras meet, and that is why it appears to be messy. God has to, through this turbulence, metamorphize the souls of the Church to Christlikeness, because that is the only way we would be able to handle the coming glory. The envy, empire building, and ego has to be cleansed out of us by God. To rise to Christ-like maturity we will firstly be going through faith-building trials creating wisdom, perseverance, dealing with the ego, envy, and pride. Only the meek and tender will be able to handle God’s glory. The only doorway to glory is a door called suffering, and that going through suffering with the right attitude. The second way to rise is to wait for God. All God’s promises are “yes and amen”, unless it is “not yet”, and the reason for the delay is often a mystery to us. By continuing to believe despite delay, we are building up our faith. Some things can only be done to our souls in the darkness of waiting. As we go through loss, war and barrenness, the areas of the most pain and misery will become the areas of the biggest promotion and blessing through the miracle power of God, and He will get the glory. The fulfilment of our destiny is beyond our ability, but not for God.