To enable us to see the new things that God is doing and to deliver us from being a facsimile of the past, God has to deal with our fear, envy and borrowed culture and we have to be willing to let go of- and unlearn the old and embrace the new, becoming completely flexible. What could the new look like? Imagine sweeping news of the Spirit, empty hospitals, governments invaded by the power and kingdom of God, the Body of Christ bravely rising up like never before. This new era is coming with a new sound. Church services will be transformed. We have to get away from performance, being concerned about image and style in our music and get to the place where we break the alabaster jar of our hearts and fill the place with the perfume of heaven, loving Jesus. A new sound is coming and it’s coming from the Holy Spirit’s control and leading instead of our skill and learned activity. This is the era of new styles, methods and innovations, and patterns of behaviour – the end of fruitlessness and barrenness. A time of release and support instead of control from leadership, the members being the Church instead of going to church. There is a new viral movement of the Spirit coming all over in every area of society which man will not be able to control. The new move will be highly relational and loving, sweet, childlike, safe, relaxed, festive, and fun, not religious. It will seem to be completely leaderless but completely unified – the day of God’s kingdom. We will be moving into land, finances, and the seats of authority which God has for us to occupy in the earth. Hot spots of God’s glory are going to be erupting all over the earth as the people of God will stop playing at church and start building God’s kingdom. Kingdom authority has everything to do with sacrificial service, stewardship, care, and love. The thing that we need most for the coming era is to be burning up with love, joy, heaven’s confidence, and a sense of that closeness to God. Heaven’s embrace and the fiery outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit will accomplish and bring to pass his purposes in us.