Everything has to stay afire in the Kingdom. Fire was used throughout the Bible both in judgement and blessing. People are attracted to a person who is on fire for God, and who is filled with the peace and joy that comes from continuous worship. God also uses fire to draw a man of God into doing his will, as He did with Moses and the burning bush. The fire of God is also a protection for the children of God against their enemies, provided we disregard what the enemy is doing and keep our eyes on God and his will for your lives. It takes the fire of making the right decisions for the fleshly life to die, enabling more of God to flow through our lives. The oil of the Word in our hearts need to be combined with the fire of the Holy Spirit for us to be a blessing and a light to those around us. The incense of worship needs to be set on fire to reach the heavens. On the cross, Jesus absorbed the fire of the wrath of God as the sacrificial lamb for the sins of mankind. After having absorbed that fire from God, Jesus baptised us in the Holy Spirit and fire, enabling us to manifest the supernatural in the earth. God sometimes burns up the expensive sacrifices which we obediently and faithfully bring to turn it into an answer to prayer. In this time need the fire and power of the Holy Ghost like never before in our lives, to be a part of what is doing.