God expects from us more than just going to church, His call to all believers is to go up to a higher place where He can use us in an ever-greater measure. As much as He calls us to a higher place, He also calls us to growth, growth through the Word. We need direction through a fresh word from God every day. Our growth in God is determined by us, by the measure with which we love God, walk in the Word instead of just memorising it, and drawing close to God. When we draw close to him, He touches us, changes us, and fills us to be overflowing and going from glory to shining glory. The world is waiting for the light shining from us, the revelation of the power and presence of God. The measure in which we are attached to God, is the measure in which we reveal the glory of our creator. The decreasing of ourselves and the increasing of God in our lives is a process which happens when we move up higher. God is calling us to fruitfulness by abiding in him. We must not allow anything to distract us from our relationship with God and keep loving and serving him no matter what hiccoughs we experience in life. To move to the next level we must see to be, we must be not only involved but also committed to carry the anointing to the world outside, be able to hear the voice of God, move from a place of commandments to a place of having communion with God, have a restoration of the fear of God, and turn ourselves loose from the familiar and the comfortable. Let us ask the Lord to take us to a higher place, to where we have never been before.