There are many things in the world which we feel are out of our control, but we cannot change the world, we can only change our world. And for that we are deeply dependent upon God, who is for us. When we change, it brings change to communities around us. God wants us, as the Body of Christ, to be even more functional in the specific task which each member has. We need to encourage, support, and pray for one another, everyone at some time or another need to hear that God still loves them. We should all be looking to help someone because helping somebody makes you a leader. People want to know that you care for them, that you are willing to help them, and that they can trust you. Just be there for people to lean on as a friend. It is important to be a person with a humble and contrite heart, not judgmental, resentful and sceptic, delivered from your ‘self’ issues by the help of God. This all starts in our own households. We need to be willing to acknowledge where we have missed the mark, let go of the “I am fine” syndrome and ask for help when we need it. We also need to care enough to be willing to hear the answer, when we enquire about how other people are. We need to meet and contend with God for transformation, because He is the truth which sets us free. We are totally dependent upon him to become what our mandate requires from us and that is to believe and go and be Christ to the world around us.