According to the Apostle Peter we, as Christians, have been called by God to be submissive unto every level of authority, be it in the world or in the Church. The Bible is very clear about the fact that we will face persecution and suffering because our righteous walk is in direct opposition to the spirit of this world. Handling this momentary suffering right, will result in an unfading glory – and glory is God’s end purpose for our lives. In the context of the Church, younger must submit to- and respect older people. There must be submission to the elders in the Church, who are not lording it over- but are watchers over the well-being of the members. We are to submit to each other and serve one another. The opposite of submission is pride and God opposes the proud but gives grace or favour to those of child-like humility, exalting and lifting them up. Being able to successfully cast your cares upon God and have him caring for you, is dependent on your submission unto his mighty hand (his authority or power) upon your life. Being submitted to God means that you are under his authority and is able to resist the enemy with God’s authority and see the enemy flee from you. Submitting unto God means serving him his way, and not yours, submitting to his authority over your life and entrusting yourself to his power and ability, knowing that in his goodness and wisdom He has a great plan for your life. Independence from God is arrogance and pride. Humbling ourselves is living a godly and righteous life, accepting God’s plan and purpose for our lives, trusting in his power instead of our own strength, and accepting and submitting to his sovereign dealings in our lives. The result is grace and more grace and being lifted up in due season; spiritual growth and godly character, God being enabled to trust us with other things as well, a heart that is soft and penitent before God, and becoming imitators of Jesus.