For many Christians their lives are devoid of the fulness of what Christ had desired and designed it to be, and for them it is only about going to heaven after death. There is nothing in their lives about finding their designed purpose, entering the things of the Kingdom, and maturity in Christ. Coming to maturity is a process, where we need to have the revelation of Christ, to understand the residence of Christ to enter into the reformation of Christ. Spiritual maturity is for everyone. It is a process that includes significant, incremental, and ongoing change, while we are continuing to seek to know God and faithfully obey his commands, which are given for our formation. We need to, at times, have a measure of self-awareness of who we are not yet in Christ, so that we can have a starting point from which to work towards full transformation. We also need to seek constantly and diligently to have encounters with, and a relationship with the Holy Spirit, because He is the one who is inside of us and who changes us from within. We need to not neglect our spiritual disciplines, and live from a heart which has been washed, developed by the word, renewed, and pure. From such a heart we will make godly choices and live an effortlessly fruitful life for Christ, a life structured from a transformation which had taken place deeply within. To move from glory to glory, we need the Word and the Spirit. The Bible shows that we can intimately know a God who is affected by us, and who affects us because He loves and cares for us. It is this meaningful relationship between God and us which brings transformation, in contrast to religion which brings no change to the human heart. Transformation takes place through God’s abundant grace, the Holy Spirit, faith, and the Word plus an intentional partnership with God wherein we co-operate with him, keeping our focus on God’s goal, which is transformation, Christlikeness, and holiness.