We are anointed unto the calling of doing the work of the ministry. Unto this end, Christ (his nature and character) is being gradually formed in us by the Spirit of God. Although we have received this nature and character when we got born again, it is not always manifest. There is no instant formula to follow which will enable us to manifest Christ’s nature and character, it is only worked by the Holy Spirit, in having a relationship with him, and explicitly obeying him. This relationship is very important, as well as being in a church around people who love Jesus. There we can see, hear, and experience what God does in order to form Christ’s nature and character inside. Trials and tribulations also build this nature and character in us when we have the correct response thereto. When you have fallen into stress, fear, and anxiety due to trials, get back to Jesus for the peace, hope and faith which he had promised. Learn to maintain control over your thought life, giving the enemy no foothold there. Above all, do not become weary, because Christ is being formed in you. Stay in his peace.