A king has a kingdom, and every kingdom has a unique philosophy or flavour originating from its king. The kingdom of God has as its foundation righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the one enabling the righteousness, peace, and joy and it does not come from our own efforts. Even as the Magi came to bring gifts to Jesus, He has come to give us gifts, the first being the gift of God’s own righteousness through his grace, giving us direct access to him. Even the faith to believe in this righteousness is a gift from God. The most appropriate thing that we can do with this righteousness is to live righteously and to that end, He also gifted us with a companion gift, the indwelling Holy Spirit with his awesome inherent gifts and fruit. Jesus also removed the enmity we had towards God and gifted us with not only reconciliation and peace with him, but also the peace of God, which results in an indescribable joy. The geography of the kingdom of God is without borders and consists out of the hearts of people all over the earth.