The overall plan and purpose of God, which is for us to be conformed to the image of Christ, does not change from year to year but always stays the same. However, the Lord has specific purposes for each congregation. The theme for ACF for 2024 is “that it may be fulfilled in us and demonstrated”. In 2024 the members of ACF will see the word of God spoken over their lives fulfilled. This will be a sign and a wonder to unbelievers, demonstrating the incarnation of Christ. God has already raised up and will continue to raise up others who will be instrumental in bringing members of ACF to the place where the word of the Lord is fulfilled for them, even as John the Baptist prepared the way of Jesus. 2024 Will be a year full of opportunities – positive and negative – to stand in faith on the word in the face of circumstances and situations. Thus the fulfilment of the word will project people unto a higher level of the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, established and manifested in and through us. We need to live more intentionally for Jesus in 2024, reaching for greater manifestations of signs, miracles and wonders, manifestations of the authority of the Kingdom of God. God will be putting his Spirit in a greater measure upon those whom He delight in. Many people will step into things which God had been exactly preparing for them. In 2024 God is going to reveal individuals’ extreme significance in his Kingdom. In 2024 those who have been overlooked and felt as if they were kept in a holding pattern, will be seeing the word of the Lord for their lives being fulfilled. There are going to be three areas of fulfilment in this year, firstly fulfilment in our walk with God according to his word, secondly according to prophetic words we have over our lives, and thirdly, the fulfilment of our dreams and desires based on God’s will and word, in his timing. As we continue to walk in obedience and work out our salvation, fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives, He will continue to bless, giving us impact on those around us.