We live in an age and world which is very shallow, sensual, superficial, selfish, and entitled, constantly demanding instantaneous gratification, a world that serves all kinds of appetites. The world needs deep, solid, balanced, knowledgeable, and spiritual Christians to bring healing to it. To become this kind of Christian, we need to adhere to certain disciplines in our spiritual walk with God. When we look at the discipline of fasting, it is a discipline which must be accompanied by prayer, otherwise it becomes a hunger strike or a diet. We fast to seek the Lord with greater urgency through deepened prayer. It helps to tear down walls, to usher us into the spiritual realm, into breakthroughs, destroys chains, and brings clarity of mind to hear the answers we need from God. God is spirit, and we need to relate to him by spiritual means. Fasting is a spiritual discipline, although it requires a practical action. We need to exercise, train, and discipline our outer and inner senses to be in co-ordination and be governed by the truth of God’s word, so that not one of them allies against us. The discipline of fasting is an affront to one of the strongest, most primary drives in our human lives, and that is self-preservation. One of the primary reasons for fasting is to reverse the inclination of the flesh towards that which is natural. When we absorb the Lord’s Word and are consumed by his presence during a fast, our craving and desire for him expands. Another reason for practising the discipline is to be liberated from the slavery to self and self-centredness, as well as every appetite which is controlling us. It is good to fast until every appetite is mastered by your will and spirit. The Bible the describes the flesh as appetite. This fleshly appetite is for everything that is in the world, and it is geared towards the lust of the flesh, eyes, and the pride of life. Everything in the world is designed towards engendering lust, but everything in the Word and the Spirit is designed to create spiritual desire and hunger in us. A time of fasting is also when the deep inner problems that hinder and entangle us surface, so that God can deal with them. Spiritual exercise of fasting adjusts a person’s priorities, sharpens spiritual awareness, brings connection with Jesus and breakthroughs, has as a result supernatural spiritual power to break sin and habit patterns, and is a faith-builder towards miracles, signs, and wonders. Fasting is essential, and possible, despite the various excuses people use to avoid it. The primary reason for fasting should be our hunger and longing for God. Our hunger will have God endowing us with his grace to fast, making it easy.