There are disciplines which we can engage in deliberately, intentionally, assigning time to it, to make our oneness with Christ a reality. In this lesson we look at the discipline of Biblical meditation, not eastern meditation practices which are basically emptying the mind, etc. Meditation is the faculty whereby we ponder upon and envision things, and every human being is well able to do this. It can be compared to the process that a ruminative animal uses to process its food. The Hebrew meaning of the word meditation basically means to mutter or to speak quietly. It was a well-known practice in the Old Testament for the Israelites to meditate on the word of God, or the Torah, and thus memorising it. We, as Christians, meditate by focusing on God through contemplation of and pondering on his word, quieting our hearts with scripture, and entering a deeper intimacy with Jesus. In this process of becoming acquainted through meditation with who Jesus really is, how He sees us and his requirements of us, we are enabled to change negative thoughts, coming up in any situation, to His thoughts. Meditating and pondering on, loving, and digesting a word, results in a deeper spiritual life and experiencing the prosperity and fruit of that truth. When you enjoy Jesus, meditation is not a chore, but a delight. Meditating on how powerful God is, makes the destruction of every obstacle easy, meditating on his trustworthiness brings trust, and his ability to heal brings healing. The same is true of his ability to provide and encourage. We meditate on the word for the word to possess us, to observe it and do it. Then we will be prosperous and successful. Biblical meditation has three stages: firstly, meditation internally, secondly the uttering, muttering, talking, discussing, professing, proclaiming, and prophesying. Thirdly, it becomes part of our spiritual DNA and we begin to act and live the heavenly lifestyle. Meditation brings understanding of the word which results in wisdom. Meditating on the promises of God can bring quicker fulfilment thereof. There is a way to complain to God in meditation like David did – moving from complaint, to prayer, to praise. Meditation brings peace and pre-meditation not only causes us to be prepared when trouble comes, but we can pre-meditate any fulfilment of God’s will in our lives. Meditation is very powerful.