In the discipline of stillness, silence and solitude, there is an abstinence from the stimulus by which we are surrounded. The issue in our modern world is one of busy-ness, wherein our minds are always busy and experiencing high-voltage stress. We live in a world full of noise, people, and circumstances. We have, unfortunately, gotten to the place where being busy is attached to our sense of worth. As a result we have become dull and unaware of the presence of God all around us. Stillness and silence are a prelude to hearing God’s voice more clearly. Stillness is learning to quieten yourself, still your heart and mind and become awakened and attentive to Him. We can learn, even in the busy-ness of life, to step back into ourselves and be quiet and at peace, whereupon we are helped by him to focus and meet challenges with passion, because of your living a life of being attuned to God. Silence is obviously to abstain from speaking enabling you to hear. Solitude is to be alone, cut off from outside stimuli. Stillness is not a time for praying, problem-solving or planning, but a time of preparation to hear from God and get his opinion and wisdom. More is accomplished in these times, than in the times of busy-ness when you are operating on your own strength and wisdom. Solitude and quiet is deeply spiritual, creative, liberating, it is where we find God. Peaceful stillness involves waiting for the Lord, which is followed by blessing. The results of silence and stillness are wisdom, a renewed revelation of Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross, peace, deep sleep at night, a new awareness of the greatness and sovereignty of God, as well as rest and healing.