One can set up a goal for oneself and that goal would then become a judge to measure up yourself against. Our goal is to have Christ formed in us. The Apostle Paul had achieved the highest level of authority possible for him in the nation in Israel, yet he reckoned all of that to be of no value compared to knowing Jesus Christ. According to the Apostle John, we can know Jesus, if we know grace and truth. When we examine grace, it consists out of two sections – a past, as well as a future portion. The past portion is God’s unmerited favour bestowed upon us towards our salvation, and the future part of grace comes as a promise giving us faith, enabling us to labour towards our goal, i.e. Christ formed in us. This labour is by faith and enabled by the Spirit. Having received a promise, we believe it, obediently do the works, and thereby activate the faith towards miracles, revealing the glory of Christ. Truth leads us to the Father and sets us free. We are set free by truth by it destroying everything in us that is not worthy of us. This is usually a painful process because pride, ignorance, wilful blindness, and laziness cause us to hold on to these unworthy things. Living out a lie, is equal to being possessed, because satan is the father of lies. Living a life of lies prevents a person from reaching their goal in life. Speaking the truth to one another is respecting the sanctity of the Body of Christ. We need to do our part in following the spiritual disciplines by the grace available to us, to put to death that which is unworthy in us so that God can form Christ within us.