There are times when God will take us on adventures beyond what we could think or imagine. He really wants to make an impact in the real circumstances of our lives. Although it may at times seem as if God is absent when we experience adverse circumstances, when we can log into the fact that He is always with us we can become aware of his blessing in every circumstance. We need to be in a relationship with God and each other, to stir up the flame inside of us, that of power, love, and a sound mind, replacing fear. We love to move in power, but it should be balanced by love – even loving those from whom you differ – and a sound mind, and a sound mind means discipline and character. Walking and operating in this balance, makes us effective in bringing the true gospel of Christ. We need to, through faith, have our lives established, rooted, and grounded in the love and things of God to avoid withering and dying when difficulties come. Becoming rooted is a process of laying down our lives and having Christ revealed in us. In this process we are strengthened and empowered by the Holy Spirit, through love. We need to not listen to the humanness inside which says it cannot be done, and in humility let our spirit-man come forward to accept that God wants to fill us with all of his limitless fulness. That is what Christ died for. The measure of God’s fullness within us is conditional, which is that it is in accordance with the power at work within us. This means that we need to work with God to enlarge his power within, to remove the limits to his fullness being manifested through us. This is done by exercising faith, having a trusting relationship with God, and faithfully walking in your calling, while desiring and asking for the gifts of the Spirit from God, and exercising them in and through love. Love is powerful. It opens the door to operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. Love keeps us rooted and steadfast to grow in Christ. Love changes our perspective on people, helping us to forgive a wrong done to us.