People in the Old Testament got anointed with oil to fulfil a specific task, purpose, or office, for instance, that of a King, Priest, or Prophet. Because we are children of God we are also anointed. We have to remind ourselves of the fact that we have been anointed, enabling us unto what God has called us for, whether it be in our jobs, studying, whatever the case may be. The realization of our deep need at times when we fall short of our full potential is the driving force to tap into this anointing. Because we have received the Holy Spirit, we are anointed, and He is the one who enables us in every area of our lives. The Holy Spirit’s anointing is God with us, giving us his power. The anointing has a purpose, which is to fulfil a calling. Whatever causes a stirring and interest in a person’s heart is the way to define what their godly calling is. To fulfil our calling we also have a part play, and that is to co-operate with the Holy Spirit and actually physically equipping ourselves by taking courses, going on outreaches, etc. depending on what the calling may be. Walking in unselfish love will result in an increase of the anointing. There is also a price to pay for the anointing, and it consists out of living according to the principles in the Word of God, sacrificing time by spending it in the Word and going to church services and prayer meetings, serving wherever there is a need, and be ready to be persecuted. We need to return to the initial heartfelt stirring and hunger for more and enquire of the Lord what we can do to walk into our destiny and also keep going when things become tough, for the sake of the anointing.