The Church of today is not in danger, as it was in the day of Paul, of returning to the strictures of the Law. Today the danger is that Christians, instead of serving the Lord in full accordance with all of God’s requirements, are picking and choosing what to adhere to, and thus following an impure gospel. The spiritual disciplines described up to now have been all about the spiritual things which we can do to enter into the communion side of our union with Christ. In this union we, as Christians, are linked and participating by the Spirit in his crucifixion. We are also in a mystical, unfathomable way linked to his life, where He is seated at the right hand of the Father right now. This union is likened unto marriage, something which is lived, but hard to describe. We need the discipline of stillness, solitude, and silence because the busy-ness of this life can cause us to become human doings instead of human beings. The purpose of this discipline is not to go to sleep, but to awaken our spiritual senses unto the Lord. What we acquire in the times of stillness, solitude, and silence is the ability to step back or withdraw, even at the busiest of times, and take control of our actions or reactions. It also teaches us to be at ease with ourselves. There are times when we need this discipline for the Lord to heal us of all the stuff going on around us. Practical ways to practise this discipline are: schedule a time, find a place, deal with- and remove as many external distractions as possible, set a timer, relax, and become comfortable, become still silent and present, quieting your mind by managing inner distractions and dealing with a condemning conscience. Learn to return to a peaceful experience in your mind as a starting point. One of the main reasons for this discipline is to recover the gentle voice of God. This is the way to experience the communion and vision which comes out of our union with God, seek the will of God with clarity and align yourself therewith. It is to quieten your mind to hear God’s voice and have your strength revived, and to receive power. It is to gain interpretation of dreams and find the context and perspective for circumstances and situations. Stillness, silence, and solitude enables one to meditate on who you are in such a way that you can produce more of the fruit of the Spirit.