we are in union with Christ and need to practise the spiritual disciplines to help us stay in communion with him. The next discipline we are looking at, is simplicity. Life can sometimes be exceptionally complicated. Biblically simplicity is getting back to a pure devotion to Jesus. We must in no way be distracted from the simplicity of our relationship with him by getting so involved in the mechanics of our walk that we lose the dynamics of it. Social media, for instance, has become a distraction and complication in our lives. The stuff of life can be overwhelming, and then priorities become the issue. The first thing which lies at the heart of a lack of simplicity often is our own flesh, not other people, situations in life or even the devil. That is the reason why so many of the disciplines are geared toward dealing with the flesh-life in a fiercely practical way by teaching self-control. The flesh has voracious appetites, especially in finding satisfaction out of the acquisition of all kinds of stuff. However value and self-worth are not attached to the things we own. We can have everything we need when we seek the Kingdom and its righteousness first. Seeking the Kingdom first means to give it priority in everything you do through implicitly obeying the instructions of the Holy Spirit, and righteousness speaks of every righteous act which the Kingdom requires. The second thing that complicates our lives, is the insecurities of our hearts. These insecurities often demand that we have distractions, because it takes the attention off from our pain and lack of self-worth. The discipline of simplicity is getting rid of, or re-adjusting the things in our lives that hinder our walk with God. We need to throw off the things that are not necessarily sinful, but also not beneficial to our relationship with God. Sin in itself, is a major complication in our lives and destroys the simplicity of pure devotion to Jesus. The discipline of simplicity is not only all about organizing your outward lifestyle by decluttering or re-organizing, although that is also necessary, but the most important thing is to maintain your first love for Jesus because then even the mundane things you have to do are done as if unto the Lord and filled with joy. A conscience which is clear before God because of instant and constant repentance is also conducive of a life which is simple and uncomplicated. We need to learn how to rejoice in everything, develop an attitude of gratitude, stop comparing yourself with others as well as learn how to not take yourself too seriously, all of which will result in a heart at rest, running your race with success.