We are in a process of building an ever-increasing relationship with God, one of trust and friendship. Church fathers in the past experienced what they called a ‘second blessing’ or ‘entire sanctification’, meetings with God. which endowed them with tremendous power to minister. There is at this time a strong, specific call from the Spirit upon our hearts to reach for the high calling for which we have been apprehended, the prize of which is Christ Jesus himself. This calling is heavenly in origin and operation and has this expected outcome. We are being wooed by the Spirit into the depths of Christ, to lay hold of that which we have been laid hold of by God. Creation is travailing, we ourselves are inwardly groaning, and the Spirit in us helps us in the intercession to be revealed as Sons, in the full likeness of Christ, that for which we have been pre-destined. The call of God is unto the depth of our spirits, a call to full salvation. This is walking on the path of righteousness, where the light of his transforming presence is growing ever brighter. In choosing this high path of excellency, light seed is sown for us, illuminating our path, bringing transforming revelation of the person of God, and bringing gladness. Seed has the potential to fullness, and we should not despise even the smallest illumination given by God, even something that falls under the category of mundane and practical wisdom as it will transform our lives as our understanding grows while we receive more revelation and illumination of Christ from the Holy Spirit. We accumulate the light-seed, spend time with it and allow it to germinate, because every encounter with God is part of a process. The majority of our spiritual transformation takes place in those challenging times of darkness in our lives because that is when the light seed is at its brightest. These are the times when we do not abandon our faith but persist in walking the Christian way, to see these light seeds starting to grow, and produce a harvest of righteousness inside of us. The goal, outcome and calling of all of this is the comprehension- and apprehension of the dimension of the glory available to us and the surpassing love of God for us. He is able to do in us that which is exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask, think, or imagine. Let us heed the call of the Spirit and choose to walk this higher path – the whole of Christ for the whole person.