This is the time wherein the Holy Spirit is lovingly ministering to us to bring us to a place of truth about ourselves, resulting in transformation as well as the formation of Christ within us. When a person is born again, his standing before God is one of righteousness, but there needs to be a change in behavioural patterns of brokenness left over from the old life until we portray Christ in every way. This is a life-long process of putting off the old and putting on the new, and it is mostly our responsibility. Jesus embraces, loves. and accepts us despite our dark side, but He will assist us in going through the process of sanctification because He loves us too much to leave us in a condition of brokenness. The first pitfall which can be used by people to avoid this process is wealth and the bargaining power that it provides. A second pitfall is externalism, adopting external change (religion) but the relationship with Christ bringing a change on the inside, is not there. However, the most vitally important and perhaps the most threatening and painful part of the process of change and formation in Christ, is to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us more clearly what we are on the inside. This is so that we can deal with hindrances present, for instance fear and offensive ways, and be healed. For this we need to have a healthy relationship with God because without Him these revelations only bring shame and condemnation. From Him we receive the grace, love, and faith we need to change, for He the one who is at work within us to will and do according to his good pleasure. Spiritual self-examination is not spiritual navel gazing nor fruitless self-absorption to consider your feelings and compare yourself with others but going on a journey with God and working according to his priority list. Working with the Holy Spirit is a process of getting rid of the deep defilement, and the collateral damage, inside of us which had been caused by sin. It is essential to stay open to the Spirit’s ministry in areas where it hurts because He will not force anything, He is gentle. The process of sanctification is practically implemented by adopting the Scriptures as the final authority on everything, issuing an open invitation to the Spirit to search your heart, establishing a partnership with God, refusing to make excuses, having a policy of instant confession, maintaining an attitude of gratitude, and inviting loving, but honest outside perspective. Enjoy this process with God, because when we have been broken by it, the fragrance of Christ can be released from our lives to bring healing to the broken-hearted of the world. The end purpose of all this is Christ filling all things, in every way, with himself, through his perfected saints.