Prayer is one of the highest forms of humbling yourself before God, because it is an admission of your total submission to, dependence and reliance upon, and trust in him. This attitude is a necessity in the process of Christ being formed in us. In the history of Israel, we saw that king Asa called out to the Lord for help when an overwhelming enemy came against them, acknowledging that they were helpless, and that God was their only recourse. God gave them the victory. It is the same in our lives, when we face that which is overwhelming, faith-filled prayer is our way of accessing answers and help from God. He will never fail to answer prayer, because we are his children, the apple of his eye. To see his promises unto us be fulfilled, is to him a manifestation of his honour. However, Asa relied on a heathen king when he came under attack again, reaping only trouble. That is a lesson to us, to not start relying on the arm of flesh after having started in the spirit, which shows disrespect and is dishonouring God. The prayer life of Jesus is the perfect example to us. Solitary prayer, avoiding attention and the honour of man, was habitual to him. He prayed with faith and humility, totally relying on his Father. His faith was in the Word of God. He prayed for wisdom in the choosing of his disciples. His prayers were heartfelt, passionate, and powerful, displaying his love for God. His prayers were based on his knowledge of God and God’s deliverance-bearing, transforming truth. He taught us to first seek the Kingdom of God and be persistent and tenacious in prayer. Prayer is not an option, but a necessity. We, as Christians, must take responsibility for what is happening on the earth, getting the heavens involved in what is transpiring here, all through the avenue of prayer.