If we were to look back at the way we were before we got saved and compare it to who we are at present, we realize that God has been at work with a transformation within, in other words, Christ is being formed within us. We have been changed to being more loving, patient, generous, caring, and being able to live in faith – all of that because we are filled with the Holy Spirit, and this change is a lifelong process. Many of the prophetic words spoken over our lives are an indication of where God is taking us in this journey. We should not take these prophecies lightly but do our utmost to assist in what the Spirit is doing through following certain spiritual disciplines. We follow these disciplines by the help of God and his grace, not as if they are a law. However, when we look at the Law given to Israel, it already contained a lot of grace. The law was given to establish Israel as a people portraying a righteous God and to protect them from the negative consequences of sin. The law gives rules to live by but merely doing that mechanically cannot change the heart. There were those Israelites like Moses, Joshua, Caleb, and King David, who did not only want to abide by the rules, but reached out to get into a loving relationship with the one who gave the Law. This relationship with God caused his Law to be written on their hearts, shaping and transforming them, guiding them, and enabling them to do exploits. Even so, they realized that there was something more. Through what Jesus did on the cross, we are completely free to reach our full potential and destiny through Christ being formed inside of us by the Holy Spirit. The righteous law, which is to love God and your neighbour, is now written on our hearts. After our salvation our good works are alive, they are actions of grace, love and faith. Our works flow forth from an ever-growing relationship with God. It is important to constantly keep our hearts soft and make sure that the motive for our works is only God’s love.