In the Book of Revelation the Bride or City is portrayed as being holy, but what does it mean to be holy? God’s holiness is infinite, how can we, being finite, contain the infinite? Holiness is purity, separation, otherness; being different, extra-ordinary or uncommon. It is a great mystery and when we are in the presence of God, experiencing his unlimited, unfathomable, strange holiness, plus his divine power, it has an effect of creating overwhelming awe and fear in our hearts, both attracting and repelling us. As Christians we are invited into God’s presence, and it is attractive to us, but the sinner is repelled and fears this holiness. Throughout the Bible we see people being affected by God’s holiness resulting in trembling lips and belly, rottenness in the bones, sin-consciousness, self-hatred and repentance, a feeling of being cursed and undone, immediate and unlimited dedication, falling down as dead, and fear. We must learn to respect and honour the holiness of God so that creation can come out of a state of slavery into the Kingdom of God as it responds with co-operation to us when we speak to it. We should stop saying nobody is perfect, because that is comparing ourselves to ourselves, which is not wise, the wrong measurement of holiness. We should ask the Father to help us to revere and understand his holiness and power when we pray. That should be our first petition. Without this no prayer would be answered. Although we could never attain the infinite holiness of God, we have to grasp some measurement of the finite holiness, to see Christ formed in us.