We as the human race, is the reason why God created the earth. We are to rule and reign and have dominion over it, that is our God-given mandate. The heavens are the Lord’s, and the earth He gave to man on which to establish his Kingdom, in partnership with him. It is time that the state of the world changes, brought about by Christians who understand their mandate and that they have power and authority. Power is the strength of force needed to rule and authority is the right (or legitimacy) to do so. Although the devil told Jesus that all authority had been given to him (by Adam), it was illegitimate authority, because authority only comes from God. God has authored faith and authority and is therefore the only one who can delegate it and legitimize it. Because we are in Christ, the legitimate authority bestowed upon Jesus by God, is also ours. We also have the power that comes from being filled by the Holy Spirit. We need to realize this and stop feeling insignificant and intimidated. It is an injustice to allow the enemy to walk all over us. Many instances of sickness and problems would be avoided if we could understand the power and authority which we have. This authority is over every part of our lives, over our personal environment, family, friends, as well as the greater world around us. All of this operates under the umbrella of God’s supreme authority. The key to operating in this authority, is through faith and persistent prayer. When we pray in line with God’s word, He will always back us up with his power. We must also submit to Christ’s authority (for instance, to the leadership that He has put in place in the Church), before He will delegate it to us. It is important to realize that God has got our lives and well-being in his hands. He has enabled us to write the story of our lives by praying his will and He will answer. If we are not convinced of Christ’s absolute authority, we will have trouble to walk in faith. Through prayer with authority we make sure that the Kingdom of God comes on earth, as it is in heaven.