The Church needs revival to remove from her everything worldly and carnal, and return her to purity and holiness. We live in a sin-infested world where we see that people are lovers of themselves. This love is contrary to the Biblical instruction to firstly love God and then your neighbour as well as yourself, and this self-love results in attitudes of being opiniated, self-centred, immoral, unethical, vicious, corrupt, easily offended, and selfish. Many people today are totally confused, yet they insist that they have the right to air what they think. The present generation of young people grew up undisciplined and selfish, not having been taught that there are consequences to doing wrong. Unfortunately, this has been the result of laws prohibiting parents from applying the Biblical forms of discipline. People worldwide are also in a major identity crisis. It is our task, as the Church, to help this generation to address their identity crisis by teaching them who we have been created to be in Christ. Although it will not be easy, we will have to stop ignoring what is going on and courageously stand up and fight that which is wrong. The next revival in the Church will be one of love, because love is the only way to conquer that which is going on in the world. We need to keep building our relationship with God, getting more hungry, thirsty, and desperate for him, to get filled with his pure, unadulterated love. Loving even the most unlovable people will be a natural, unforced, result. Love will heal and fulfil the deep need of every person in the world. We, as the Church of Jesus Christ, have been born, equipped and anointed for this time, to see God’s Kingdom established. Love is the ecosystem in which our lives as believers operate and thrive, it is to be our unselfish, prevailing and compelling attitude towards everyone. We need to go out and not only tell about, but also demonstrate to others the unconditional, eternal, and transformative love that we have received from the God, a God to whom nothing is impossible. We need to remember that love is also corrective, and we should, by faith, confront that which needs to change and we will experience the backing of God in every situation. God is calling us to start, wherever we find ourselves, to reach out to people with love – for instance share our testimonies – and it well may be, that we will see revival break out in this nation. Let us step out of our comfort zone and love with the eyes, ears, hands, feet, reputation of Christ.