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God is full of grace, yet is also just and fair. He is not a respecter of persons. Favouritism is using a wrong measure of judgement, it is incorrect wisdom. The coming of Jesus spells out God’s favour towards men, unearned and unmerited. The grace of God brought us into the favour of God. Through grace we have access to all that God is and has. The second thing that grace gives us is ability or power. In other words, God’s grace enables us to overcome. Mary was HIGHLY favoured, so there are degrees of favour. Jesus increased in favour with God and man. Many Christians have received the favour of the righteous, but are not increasing and growing in it. There is a section of favour which is gained and found. Favour is you responding to God’s favour by accessing it and God responding to you with more favour.

Zapper- Airport Christian Fellowship

Zapper – Pastor John Wasserman

Pastor John Wasserman

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