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Today, as international evangelists/revivalists, Tom and Susie travel world-wide preaching and manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven. The message of Scarrella Ministries is REVIVAL, PASSION, and the POWER OF GOD. In the last four years they have raised over 400 lame from wheelchairs, crutches, braces and canes. God moves powerfully through them as together they preach the uncompromising saving grace of Jesus Christ with miracles earmarking their ministry.

In addition to the traveling ministry, Tom and Susie founded a Video-On Demand based ministry training program, Ministry Training Institute, with students from around the world. Tom and Susie also host their weekly television broadcast, ALL FOR THE KINGDOM. Through this means of media they are able to bring the power of Jesus into millions of homes of Christians, communists, muslims, and buddists alike, with the reviving fire of TRUTH.