The measure of our growth in love is also the measure of our maturity. Through Christ God manifested to us His loving kindness, mercy and benevolence. His love is totally unconditional, unchangeable, persistent and undeserved – it can only be understood by us through the Spirit. Jesus finds your love irresistible and will withhold nothing from you. Mature love is that which loves and cares for others regardless of your own pain. To manifest this perfect agape love of God is to walk in the Spirit, because God is love and God is Spirit. The love inside of us is, like God, divine – because its purpose is to get other people to love God. True love is that which is demonstrated to each other with delight, loves the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and responds to His commandments. If we don’t love one another, we will not mature into the stature and image of Christ, because the love for one another is that which perfects us. God has given to us the ministry of reconciling the world to Him. The love and grace of God which has been transforming the Church for a number of years bringing acceptance of ourselves in God’s love, needs to be spread abroad through our loving actions of boldly witnessing to- and blessing the lost and see them saved. Let us live intentionally and purposefully, in sharing the love of Jesus with others.