The outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place on the Jewish feast of harvest.  This was the birth of the Church, where 3000 people were saved while at the giving of the Law 3000 people died.  When people built the tower of Babel nothing was impossible to them because they were of one mind and God confused them by giving different languages.  With the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Church became one through tongues and nothing is impossible for us.  Pentecost was the day of the coronation of Jesus as Ruler, Head, Lord and King with total authority on heaven and on earth. We are ruling with Him.  The Baptism in the Holy Spirit consist out of more than tongues, but tongues is an elevated and dignified discourse because it means that kings are conferring together.  The giving of the Spirit to us is part of God’s plan of the rulership of the world.   Pentecost was also the day that the Body of Christ was established and we received Him as our Head from whom we now get our instructions. The Holy Spirit is the power of the Gospel, the power to change the world.

This message came on 20 May 2018.